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Compact Rod-Style Electric Actuators

Compact Rod-Style Electric Actuators

Perfect for use in tight spaces, these compact electric actuators are driven by a self-locking ACME screw, which does not require a braking mechanism to stay in place when stopped. They have non-adjustable internal limit switches that help prevent the motor from overloading. These are rod-style actuators with external rods that deliver thrust to push or pull loads. They're often used in place of hydraulic or air cylinders because they allow more precise positioning, run more quietly, and don't contain potentially hazardous fluids, but they're not suited for hazardous environments or continuous operation applications.

The duty cycle rating is the amount of time per operating cycle at the rated load that the actuator spends extending and retracting ("on" time) versus the time it rests ("off" time). Typically expressed as a percentage of "on" time, a duty cycle of 33% for a 60 second cycle would spend 20 seconds on and 40 seconds off.

Clevis Mount Actuators

Use a controller and a foot or hand switch to operate these compact rod-style electric actuators. They can be mounted with clevis pins.

12V DC

27 lb Load Capacity

112 lb Load Capacity

225 lb Load Capacity

24V DC

112 lb Load Capacity

Controller with Power Supply

Power rod-style electric actuators with these controllers. Connect the controller to the actuator with an extension cable.

For 24V DC Actuators

Hand Switch

Press the buttons on these hand switches to move a compact rod-style actuator up or down. They have a cable for connecting the switch to the controller.

Extension Cable

Connect compact rod-style actuators to a controller with these extension cables.