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Cylinder Position Sensors

Cylinder Position Sensors

Know the stroke position of your cylinder pistons by installing these externally mounted sensors. They continuously supply data related to the cylinder's operation to aid in quality monitoring and process control.

Reed Switches

For use on cylinders with magnet-equipped pistons, these switches activate when positioned under the magnet to signal the location of the piston. Ideal for small-sized switching components and for quick switching operations, they can be used for applications such as simple position location, sending input to a PLC (programmable logic controller), or coordinating operation between multiple cylinders. Multiple switches can be used on a single cylinder for precise signaling.

Solid-State Switches

No moving parts in these solid-state sensors results in no mechanical wear for longer usable life. Ideal for repetitive operations, these switches operate quietly and resist shock and vibration.

Dovetail Groove Proximity Sensors

The dovetail design of these sensors allows them to be positioned and held anywhere along an extruded or machined groove in your air cylinder.

T-Slot Sensors

Use these sensors with extrusion-type actuators that have a rectangular groove in the body. The sensor slides into the slot and can be positioned anywhere along the groove.

(AMR) Anisotropic Magneto Resistive Position Sensor Type

(GMR) Giant Magneto Resistive Position Sensor Type

Threshold Sensors

Monitor status in pneumatic, electric, or electronic outputs with these threshold sensors that detect back pressure levels and signal when a cylinder piston stops moving. They are ideal for variable stroke applications such as robotics.

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