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Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Cylindrical Roller Bearings

These cylindrical roller bearings contain cylinder-shaped rolling elements that glide between raceways on the inner and outer rings. They are recommended for applications with heavy radial loads (where the load is perpendicular to the shaft) and low to moderate axial, or thrust, loads (where the load is parallel to the shaft). Double-row bearings act like a pair of back-to-back single-row bearings, and can support axial loads in two directions.

Roller bearings use cylindrical rolling elements that distribute loads over a wide surface area, which allows roller bearings to tolerate higher loads than ball bearings. To ensure proper functioning, bearings should be lubricated regularly.

For High Loads

These bearings can handle higher radial loads than the general-purpose bearings.

Metric Measurement System


Double Row for Heavy Loads

The double row of wide rollers on these bearings enables use with higher radial loads than single-row bearings.

Metric Measurement System

Double Sealed

Double Row for High Speeds

For applications with high rotational speeds, choose these bearings with a double row of wide rollers for higher radial loads than single-row bearings.

Metric Measurement System — 52100 Steel