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Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant Air Dryers

Desiccant dryers provide the greatest level of moisture removal among widely available air dryers. They use desiccant, a water-absorbent substance, to remove moisture and lower the dew point of compressed air as it passes through a chamber. The desiccant is then dried by a purge of hot air.


Designed to be installed inline at the point of use, these dryers remove moisture from branches of your pneumatic system. Place them upstream of a reducing valve and after a general purpose filter to be most effective. They're good for low and intermittent flow applications, such as in breweries or the dairy and electronics industries. Premeasured desiccant bags are included.

2 ISO Class



3 ISO Class, In-Line Mounting

Rugged Metal

Inline Refills

When the silica beads in your inline air dryers turn from blue to pink, it's time to replace them with these refills. Use them with compatible inline air dryers.

Silica Gel

Multi Stage

In addition to absorbing moisture from the exhaust air, these dryers also use activated charcoal to remove oil, dirt, desiccant dust, and debris. They're ideal for spray applications.

2 ISO Class, L Mounting Bracket


Multi-Stage Refills

Replace used silica gel in your multi-stage air dryers to maximize moisture removal on the exhaust air. The silica beads will turn from blue to pink when they need to be replaced.

Silica Gel

Quiet Flow

The all-in-one construction of these units combines filtration and drying functions into one disposable cartridge for a quieter operation. The multi-stage filters use charcoal and desiccant silica beads to remove oil, water vapor, and desiccant dust to prevent contaminants from entering your compressed air system.

2 ISO Class, L Mounting Bracket

Clear Poly

Quiet Flow Refills

Use these cartridge refills to replace saturated desiccant in your quiet-flow air dryers. The silica gel will turn from blue to pink when they need to be replaced. Use them with compatible multi-stage air dryers.

Silica Gel

Disposable Inline

Attach these disposable dryers directly to your spray gun or other point-of-use tool to remove traces of water, dust, oil vapor, and dirt from your air. Good for paint-spraying applications, they are typically used upstream of the air tool in conjunction with a filtration system.

Silica Gel