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Double Pin-and-Block U-Joints

Double Pin-and-Block U-Joints

Use double pin-and-block U-joints, also known as double Cardan or Hooke's joints, to connect two shafts that are set at an angle to each other (angular misalignment) or offset (misaligned but parallel). They consist of two hubs that are connected to a center block with pins at two points, forming two joints. The hubs can move independently at an angle to the center block, allowing double pin-and-block U-joints to accommodate a greater degree of misalignment between the shafts than a single pin-and-block U-joint. They take up more space than a single pin-and-block U-joint and can allow more vibration and noise to be transmitted. Pin-and-block U-joints operate at slower speeds than needle bearing U-joints but can transmit more torque.

Plain Bore with Starter Hole

These U-joints have a starting hole so you can machine a finished bore to the correct dimensions for your shaft.


Finished Bore

For applications with standard shaft sizes, select a U-joint with a finished bore in the size that you need.


Without Keyway