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Dry-Running Clip Sleeve Bearings

Dry-Running Clip Sleeve Bearings

Featuring an angled slit that runs along the surface of the bearing, these dry-running clip sleeve bearings install quickly from the side of the shaft and can accommodate changes in shaft size due to temperature or humidity fluctuations. They have a flange at one end of the bearing and can support axial, or thrust, loads (where the load is parallel to the shaft) and radial loads (where the load is perpendicular to the shaft). Made from corrosion-resistant plastic, these dry-running flanged sleeve bearings are self-lubricating and are well suited for applications in wet or dirty environments where lubrication is either impossible or impractical.

Sleeve bearings reduce friction among moving parts as they slide against each other. In general, they are more compact and can handle higher loads than rolling element bearings.

General Purpose

These bearings are used for many common applications. The angled slit makes them spiral-shaped for easy installation into holes in metal plates. They resist wear and do not require lubrication.

Inch — Polymer

For 316 in Shaft Dia.

For 14 in Shaft Dia.

For 516 in Shaft Dia.

For 38 in Shaft Dia.

For 716 in Shaft Dia.

For 12 in Shaft Dia.

For 58 in Shaft Dia.

For 34 in Shaft Dia.

For 78 in Shaft Dia.

For 1 in Shaft Dia.

For Sheet Metal

Install these bearings easily in sheet metal assemblies.

Inch — M250 Thermoplastic

For 14 in Shaft Dia.

For 516 in Shaft Dia.

For 38 in Shaft Dia.

For 12 in Shaft Dia.

Metric — M250 Thermoplastic

For 6 mm Shaft Dia.

For 4 mm Shaft Dia.

For 8 mm Shaft Dia.

For 10 mm Shaft Dia.

For 12 mm Shaft Dia.