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Dual-Stage Compressor Pumps

Dual-Stage Compressor Pumps

A double compression process produces enough pressure to power heavy duty equipment. Often used in factories, workshops, and auto shops, dual-stage compressors also cool the air between stages to prevent overheating and reduce wear in demanding applications.

General Purpose

These compressors are designed to be used in commercial applications.

Aluminum Enclosure, Cast Iron Cylinder

70% Duty

Splash Lubricated

Cast Iron Enclosure, Cast Iron Cylinder

Continuous Duty

Splash Lubricated

Intermittent Duty

Splash Lubricated

Start & Stop Operation

Use these compressors for projects that only need intermittent air. When the tank is full of compressed air, the compressor turns off. It turns back on when more air is needed to fill the tank. Starting and stopping allows the compressor to cool down to prevent damage.

Cast Iron Enclosure, Aluminum Cylinder

Intermittent Duty Cycle, Disc Valve

Splash Lubricated

Continuous Duty with Removable Cylinder

These compressors run constantly for heavy duty industrial applications and tools that require steady power, such as grinders or sanders. The cylinder is removable for easy maintenance.

Cast Iron Enclosure, Aluminum Cylinder Material Cylinder

Intermittent Duty, Disc Valve

Splash Lubricated

Cast Iron Enclosure, Cast Iron Cylinder Material Cylinder

Continuous Duty, Finger Valve

Splash Lubricated