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Heavy-Duty U-Channel Track Roller Guides

Heavy-Duty U-Channel Track Roller Guides

These track roller guides use thick rails that can handle heavy radial and axial loads. The track rollers have a rounded U-shaped profile that mounts to the rail.

Track roller guides mount to objects like sliding doors or vehicle seats to allow them to roll along a track smoothly. They have the same load capacity whether they're mounted horizontally or vertically.

U-Profile Rails with Roller

U-profile rollers glide on these rails for smooth motion.

U-Profile Rollers with Flange Plate

These U-profile rollers come with a flange plate for quick mounting.

U-Profile Rollers

Mount these U-profile rollers on compatible U-profile rails.

Fixed Concentric

Adjustable Eccentric

Mounting Flanges for U-Profile Rails

Secure U-profile rails with these mounting flanges.