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High-Speed Needle Bearing U-Joints

High-Speed Needle Bearing U-Joints

Similar in appearance to single pin-and-block U-joints, high-speed needle bearing U-joints have two hubs that are connected to a sealed and lubricated needle bearing, forming one joint. The needle bearing reduces the amount of backlash (or play) between the shafts and allows the joint to transmit motion and power efficiently with less noise than a pin-and-block U-joint, making needle bearing U-joints well suited for high-speed applications. The hubs can move at an angle to each other to accommodate angular misalignment (the shafts are set at an angle to each other) between two shafts connected to the hubs.

Finished Bore

For applications with standard shaft sizes, select a U-joint with a finished bore in the size that you need.


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Stainless Steel

Without Keyway

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