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Manifolds, Subbases, & Accessories

Manifolds, Subbases, & Accessories

Provide a convenient junction point for your solenoid-operated air control valves to effectively direct pressure throughout your system. Manifolds and subbases allow you to supply multiple lines from a single source by mounting them to the distribution block. You can mount normally open and normally closed operators simultaneously.

One-Touch Manual Override Series Manifolds

These station blanking kits protect the valves from dust and debris.

10 - Stations, 2 - Position

2 - Stations, 2 - Position

4 - Stations, 2 - Position

6 - Stations, 2 - Position

8 - Stations, 2 - Position

Energy-Efficient Series Manifolds

Low-profile manifolds are easy to mount in small spaces. Use these with the energy efficient valves.

2 - Stations, 2 - Positions

4 - Stations, 2 - Positions

6 - Stations, 2 - Positions

Modular DIN Plug-In Series Manifolds

Base plates provide a solid mounting option for DIN plug-in valves.

1 - Stations

Base Plate

1/8 in

1/4 in

1/2 in

3/4 in


1/8 in

1/4 in

3/8 in

1/2 in

3/4 in

2 - Stations



3 - Stations



4 - Stations

5 - Stations

6 - Stations

8 - Stations

10 - Stations

Hazardous-Location Series Manifolds

Mount hazardous location valves to these manifolds and subbases. They are constructed to handle the industrial environments the valves are commonly found in.

1 - Stations

High-Flow Series Manifolds

These manifolds are designed to be used with high flow valves.

1 - Station

2 - Station

4 - Station

6 - Station

8 - Station

10 - Station

Compact Stacking Series Manifolds and Accessories

Stack multiple valves in a compact space by using these end plate kits.

ISO Standard Manifolds

These manifolds meet ISO standards for use with valves that meet the same specifications.

Modular DIN Plug-In Series Accessories

Keep your DIN valves operational by using these accessories. They provide NPT port connections for a bank of manifold blocks, adapt inline valves to common extruded manifolds, and cover blocks for future valve addition.

Blank Station Plate Kit

Blocking Disk

Din Plug With Cord

End Plate Kit

Manifold Mounting Kit

Speed Control Electrical Plug Standard Length

Speed Control Kit

Speed Control Kit Electrical Plug Long Length

Sub-Base Common Exhaust

Hazardous-Location Series Accessories

Repair solenoid manifolds to prevent air leaks and maintain system performance.

Double Solenoid Repair Kit

Manual Override Kit

Single Solenoid Repair Kit

Fast Response Series Solenoid Accessories

Reducing wear on the valves prolongs service life. Use these kits to maintain valves and replace spools for the best possible seal contact.

Body/Spool Service Kit

Service Kit

Miniature Series Accessories

Cover miniature solenoids with plates to protect them from dust and moisture.

Heavy Industrial Series Accessories

Seal solenoid air control valves to prevent leakage and wear.

Service Kit

ISO Standard Accessories

The gaskets, manifolds, and end plates in these kits conform to ISO standards, allowing them to be used with valves that meet the same standards.