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Membrane Air Dryers

Membrane Air Dryers

Hollow fiber membranes remove water vapor from compressed air without the need for electrical power. Without moving parts, vibration, or heat discharge, these air dryers require minimal maintenance and can be installed at the point of use both indoors and out. Some dryers include filters that remove oil or larger water droplets.

Explosion Proof & Quiet Flow

Explosion-proof housings make these dryers good for hazardous environments, such as electrostatic painting, laser and optical purge, dental air, and laboratories. They include a coalescing filter that removes oil and large water droplets from compressed air before fiber membranes dry up small moisture particles.

0.01 micron Filter

High Efficiency

Designed for continuous use, these dryers constantly exhaust water vapor in the ambient surroundings. They can be used at the point of use and pass constant sweep air to move water vapor out of the system.

0.01 micron Filter

Filter Elements for Explosion Proof & Quiet Flow

Replace used filter elements to effectively remove oil, water, and particulates from your air supply.

0.01 micron filter

Microfiberglass Element

Maintenance Kits for High Efficiency

Keep your high-efficiency air dryers fully functional with the replacement parts in these kits, including automatic drains, O-rings, and filters.

Microglass Element