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Plain Rotary Drive Shafts

Plain Rotary Drive Shafts

Adapt these plain rotary drive shafts to suit your application. Cut a keyway on the shaft to use it with keyed shaft-mounted components, add flats for set screws, machine grooves for retaining rings, and more.

General Purpose Steel

Steel shafts provide good strength and hardness and are the most common choice for a wide range of applications where corrosion is not a concern.


Plain 1566 Steel

38 in Shaft Dia.

12 in Shaft Dia.

58 in Shaft Dia.

34 in Shaft Dia.

1 in Shaft Dia.

1 14 in Shaft Dia.


Plain 1566 Steel

10 mm Shaft Dia.

12 mm Shaft Dia.

20 mm Shaft Dia.

25 mm Shaft Dia.

30 mm Shaft Dia.