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Quick-Clamp Shaft Collars

Quick-Clamp Shaft Collars

Choose quick-clamp shaft collars for light duty applications where shaft components will be repositioned frequently. A clamping lever on the collar allows the clamping tension to be engaged and released quickly without tools. Just lift the lever up to install or reposition the collar on a shaft, and push the lever down to secure the collar in place.

These unthreaded shaft collars slide onto the shaft for a snug fit, and you may have to remove other components on the shaft before installing or removing the shaft collar. Set screws are not required to hold the clamp in place, making these shaft collars less likely to damage the shaft than set-screw shaft collars. The clamp-on design evenly distributes the gripping force around the shaft for a more secure hold than set-screw collars.


Black Anodized Aluminum