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Refrigeration Service Vacuum Pumps

Refrigeration Service Vacuum Pumps

Remove air and moisture from industrial and commercial chillers to boost efficiency and prevent long-term damage. Excess oil, water, and air can cause corrosion over time; these pumps dilute these contaminants and minimize condensation.

Belt Drive

Lower RPMs and a larger oil capacity allow these pumps to run cooler than direct drive pumps. A belt that connects the motor to the pump helps to absorb vibration.

Single Phase, 120V / 240V AC

Continuous Duty Cycle

Direct Drive

The motor is directly mounted to the pump creating a compact design to fit in tighter spaces. With fewer moving parts than a belt drive design, direct drive pumps have higher RPMs and run at the same speed as the engine.

Single Phase, 120V / 240V AC Voltage

Continuous Duty Cycle

Refrigeration Directional Exhaust Filter

Remove oil mist from the pump exhaust with these filters to keep your refrigeration system clean.

Oil Mist Filter

Oil Vapor Filter