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Rodless Air Cylinders

Rodless Air Cylinders

Because there's no rod extending from the body, these cylinders create longer strokes than traditional cylinders of the same size. The piston in a rodless air cylinder, also known as air slides, is connected to an external carriage, which saves space and eliminates rod overhang or bending. Rodless cylinders are usually used in cutting, packaging, material transferring, and sliding doors.

Basic Mount

Also known as air slides, these stand-alone cylinders are used to move loads along the centerline of the piston on flat guided surfaces. They are typically used on carriage rails.

Double Acting Actuation

Adjustable Cushion Cushion, Aluminum Body

1 12 in Bore Dia

1 14 in Bore Dia

1 in Bore Dia

2 in Bore Dia