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Round-Tooth Timing Belt Pulleys

Round-Tooth Timing Belt Pulleys

Use these pulleys to drive round-tooth timing belts. Sometimes called H- or HTD-type pulleys, they have curved grooves that provide maximum surface contact with the belt teeth for good power transmission and minimal slipping. Bushed-bore pulleys connect to a drive shaft with a bushing. When matching a belt to a pulley, make sure the style (or series), pitch, and width of the belt are compatible with the pulley.

8M Series (8mm Pitch) with Bushed Bore

8M Series (8mm Pitch) with Bushed Bore

With an 8 mm pitch, the 8M series provides good strength and is sized for most general-purpose applications.

Cast Iron

For 30 mm Belt Wd

For 50 mm Belt Wd