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Single-Sided Parabolic-Tooth Timing Belts

Single-Sided Parabolic-Tooth Timing Belts

Often called RPP or R-type belts, these single-sided timing belts have parabolic teeth that feature a curved shape with an indentation in the center of each tooth. This shape ensures the load is distributed evenly as the tooth meshes with the grooves on the pulley, which reduces stress on the belt. Parabolic-tooth timing belts are often used to drive cam shafts and crank shafts in automobiles.

These belts can be installed on round-tooth pulleys or parabolic-tooth pulleys with HTD, RPP, GT, and GT2 sprockets. When replacing a timing belt on a pulley, make sure the pitch and width of the belt are compatible with the pulley. In general, timing belts with higher pitches provide more strength for demanding applications.

8M Series (8mm Pitch)


20 mm Overall Wd

30 mm Overall Wd

35 mm Overall Wd

50 mm Overall Wd

8GTR Series (8mm Pitch)


12 mm Overall Wd

21 mm Overall Wd

36 mm Overall Wd

85 mm Overall Wd

14GTR Series (14mm Pitch)


20 mm Overall Wd