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Solenoid Coils & Connectors

Solenoid Coils & Connectors

Install and operate your solenoid valves using these coils and connectors. Coils convert electrical energy into linear motion by using an electric current to create a magnetic field that activates the solenoid and causes the valve to shift positions. Connectors allow you to install and operate your solenoid valves.

Miniature Series Coils

Properly install and operate miniature solenoid valves with these coils. They have a low inrush and hold current to minimize heat rise and reduce power consumption.

F Solenoid Coil Insulation

H Solenoid Coil Insulation

Miniature Series Connectors

These connectors have a compact design to work with miniature solenoid valves.

DIN 22mm

DIN 43650A

DIN 43650B

Hazardous-Location Series Coils

Used to install and actuate hazardous-location series solenoid valves, these coils withstand environments with combustible dust or chemical fumes.

Shock- & Corrosion-Resistant Series Coils & Kits

These coils are designed to be used in industrial settings where impact or elements might cause damage to other connectors.

Fast Response Series Connectors & Coils

Connect these plugs to fast-response solenoids to meet desired specifications.

Heavy Industrial Series Coil Kits

These coils are larger and designed to be used in heavy industrial applications.

Modular DIN Series Connectors

Replace and wire your DIN plugs to connect solenoid coils to valves.

DIN 43650A

Plug Lead

DIN 43650B

Plug Lead

3 Spade Connector

Molded Plug Lead

High-Flow Series Connector

Join high-flow solenoid valves together with these connectors.

2 Pin Connector

Energy-Efficient Series Coils & Connectors

These cables and connectors are designed to be energy efficient.


ISO Standard Coils & Coil Kits

These cables and connectors are designed to be energy efficient.