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Take-Up Units

Take-Up Units

Maintain proper conveyor belt tension as you support rotating shafts on conveying equipment with these take-up units, which are also known as belt tensioners. They consist of a frame that holds a bearing unit. The frame is mounted to the side of the conveying belt, and the shaft that turns the belt pulleys is attached to the bearing, which supports the shaft and lets it rotate smoothly. The frame has an adjusting rod and nut that can be used to slide the bearing forward or back on a track inside the frame in order to change the tension on the belt. Two take-up units are required for belt-tensioning applications, one for each side of the conveyor belt.

General Purpose Mounted Ball Bearings

Use these housed bearings with compatible take-up frames for a wide variety of applications. Ball bearings provide smooth, low-friction motion.


Painted Cast Iron Housing with Steel Bearing

Set Screw Mount

Corrosion-Resistant Mounted Ball Bearings

The stainless steel construction of these mounted bearings resists corrosion. Use these bearings with compatible take-up frames. Ball bearings provide smooth, low-friction motion.


Stainless Steel Housing with Stainless Steel Bearing

Set Screw Mount

Frames for Take-Up Bearings

Mount take-up bearings in these adjustable frames using the included hardware.

3 Mount Holes

For 1/2 in to 1 in Bore

For 1 1/8 in to 1 7/16 in Bore

4 Mount Holes

For 1 1/2 in to 1 15/16 in Bore

For 2 in to 2 7/16 in Bore