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Timing Belt Idlers

Timing Belt Idlers

Keep timing belts at the proper tension as they move through your drive system using these timing belt idlers. Idlers maintain consistent tension on belts to reduce slipping and ensure proper performance of the drive system and can also be used to move belts away from obstacles. Choose a flat-top idler for flat belt surfaces and a toothed idler for toothed belt surfaces.

Heavy Duty Steel Flat-Top Idlers

These timing belt idlers have a flat surface that can be used with the flat outer surface of timing belts, V-belts, or flat belts.

Powder-Coated Steel

For H Belt Type — 0.5 in Pitch

For L Belt Type — 0.375 in Pitch

Heavy Duty Steel Toothed Idlers

Use these toothed idlers on the toothed inner surface of timing belts to maintain timing belt tension and support motion in the drive system. They can be used with both sides of double-sided timing belts.

Powder Coated Steel