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Band Heaters

Band Heaters

Heat materials used in extrusion, injection-molding, and blow-molding machines using band heaters. They clamp to nozzles or barrels to indirectly heat the material flowing through. A temperature controller must be used with these heaters.


Long lasting and reliable, these heating bands provide high temperatures for modern resins used with extruders, injection- and blow-molding machines. The low-mass heating element provides fast heat-up, and the built-in strap has low thermal expansion.

up to 900 ° F

High-Temperature Ceramic

Operate at high temperatures and reduce power consumption with these band heaters. They have ceramic fiber insulation that retains heat on the inside while keeping the external surface temperature significantly lower.

Ceramic Insulation, up to 1,400 ° F

Mineral Insulation, up to 1,400 ° F

Contamination-Proof Aluminum Extrusion

Prevent extrusion resins or other materials from contaminating the heating elements. The most popular type of band heater used with extruders, plastic injection molding machines, and blow molding equipment, these have an extruded aluminum band that encloses the elements and provides efficient heat transfer to the object being heated. They come with a terminal box for increased safety.

up to 650 ° F