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Channel Strip Heaters

Channel Strip Heaters

Heat flat surfaces in narrow areas with limited space. The surface to be heated must be smooth and clean for efficient heat transfer.

Mica Insulated

Well-suited for applications with moderate-to-high temperature requirements, including sealing and packaging machines, food tables, and blow-molding equipment, these heaters have a steel sheath that's been treated for mild corrosion resistance.

for up to 900 ° F, Steel Sheath

Terminal Tandem at One End

High-Temperature Ceramic Insulated

The ceramic insulation withstands high-temperature environments, such as ovens, dies, and molds. These heaters have a corrosion-resistant stainless steel sheath.

for up to 1,200 ° F, Stainless Steel Sheath

Offset Terminals

Parallel Terminals