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Enclosure Heaters

Enclosure Heaters

Help prevent equipment failure from low and freezing temperatures, high humidity, and condensation. These enclosure heaters mount on interior panel surfaces or a DIN rail and heat the air inside the enclosure.

Fan Forced

The built-in fan helps maintain an even distribution of warm air throughout your equipment enclosure. Do not mount these heaters near heat-sensitive components.

Silicone Rubber

Made of flexible silicone rubber, these flat heaters can fit almost anywhere, mount easily to a panel, and resist shock and vibration. They consist of a foil heating element sealed in a rubber sheath and vulcanized to an aluminum mounting plate. Recommended placement is at the bottom of the enclosure. A thermostat is required for operation.


These heaters use natural convection to provide circulation of warm air within an enclosure.

Fan Forced Enclosure Heater Without Thermostat

Radiant Enclosure Heater Without Thermostat


Good for larger enclosures such as outdoor electrical power housings, these have a heating element enclosed in a tubular Incoloy sheath for corrosion resistance. The sheath is perforated for maximum air circulation. A thermostat is required for operation.

With Thermostat

Without Thermostat