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Infrared  Radiant Process Heaters

Infrared Radiant Process Heaters

Use infrared radiant heat to warm food, cure plastic coatings and resins, dry paint and adhesives, and heat plastics for forming or welding. Thermocouples or another method of temperature control should be used with these heaters for safe and effective operation.


An excellent choice for indoor food processing, paint drying, and chemical processing, these heaters use quartz elements to emit high temperatures. Mount the metal housing using studs.

Single Phase

Three Phase


Most plastics and many other materials absorb the wavelength of infrared produced by ceramic heaters, making them the most popular type of infrared heaters. You can use these modular heaters as single units or combine them in arrays for heating large surfaces.


Efficient in their use of space and energy, and suitable for most infrared heating applications. Nearly all the radiation produced by the tubular element can be reflected in one direction by the housing. The Incoloy element is less susceptible to shock and vibration than ceramic elements. These heaters can be used as individual units or combined to form arrays for heating large surfaces.