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HP Heat Removed
HP Heat Removed - Shell & Tube Coolers
Oil Coolers

Oil Coolers

Keep your hydraulic systems running at peak efficiency and help prevent damage to components and seals caused by overheated oil. Oil coolers help maintain hydraulic and lubricating fluids in the ideal temperature range for optimizing lubrication and minimizing leakage and cavitation.

AC & DC Motor Forced Air

Achieve higher cooling capacities than with radiator-style coolers of the same size. These oil coolers transfer heat from hot fluids into the surrounding air using louvered fins and an AC or DC motor-powered fan.

With AC Motor, 115/230V AC

With AC Motor, 230/460V AC

With DC Motor, 12V DC

Hydraulic Motor Forced Air

No electricity needed—these forced-air oil coolers have louvered fins and a hydraulic-powered fan that blows cold air on hot fluids to dissipate heat.


Designed for mobile hydraulic systems used in construction and agricultural machinery, these oil coolers don't use fans, so they don't need an electrical or hydraulic power source. The bar and plate construction helps to protect the cooling fins from damage in harsh environments.

1,000 ft/min Airflow , 250 psi Max Pressure

Shell & Tube

Quiet, compact oil coolers that do not affect the ambient surrounding temperature, as forced-air coolers do. These shell-and-tube coolers are ideal for cooling hydraulic fluids and lubricating oils in applications where a supply of cold water is continuously available. The water passes through a set of tubes, removing heat from hot fluids as they flow through the shell around the tubes.

580 psi Max Oil Pressure, 230 psi Max Water Pressure