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Brass Rods

Brass Rods

Corrosion resistant and flexible when heated, brass is often used for decorative purposes in areas exposed to moisture such as bathrooms and for components that may need to be re-cast.

Alloy 260

Softer than 360 brass alloy but with the same corrosion resistance, 260 brass alloy is easily formed into parts and molds, so it is commonly used for making industrial plumbing, electrical, and heating parts as well as decorative fixtures.

ASTM B135, 1/2 to 3/4 Hard Temper, Unpolished Finish

ASTM B135, Half Hard Temper, Unpolished Finish

Alloy 360

Strong yet highly machinable, 360 brass offers great corrosion resistance.

ASTM B16, Half Hard Temper, Unpolished Finish