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Nylon Sheets

Nylon Sheets

Common for general-purpose use, nylon has a balance of strength, heat resistance, wear resistance, and formability. It is frequently used as a metal replacement.

Cast Nylon 6 Sheets

Stronger and more wear resistant than extruded nylon, cast nylon is frequently used to make parts that endure continuous use such as bearing and gears.

Oil-Filled Cast Nylon 6 Sheets

Designed with built-in oil lubrication, these cast nylon 6 sheets won't dry out and last longer than unfilled nylon. Use this material to manufacture bushings, bearings, sprockets, and a variety of other components in areas where using external lubrication can be an issue, such as in bottling, canning, and packing applications.

MDS-Filled Cast Nylon 6 Sheets

Filled with the dry lubricant MDS, choose this cast nylon 6 material for greater wear and impact resistance than unfilled nylon. It is a good choice for applications where external lubrication is difficult or risks contamination.

Nylatron NSM Sheets

For your most demanding applications, self-lubricating Nylatron NSM offers superior wear and impact resistance. Often used when larger parts are needed in a system, Nylatron NSM is a lightweight, corrosion resistant material that can be easily machined.