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Rubber Rods & Cords

Rubber Rods & Cords

These rods and cords are made from flexible, resilient rubber.

High Strength Buna-N

One of the most nonabsorbent rubbers, Buna-N is resistant to many chemicals, oil, and water, but should not be used with acids, synthetic lubricants, or in high-temperature environments.



Food Grade Buna-N

Suitable for food packaging and preparation environments, this Buna-N grade is rated for use around food items.

High Strength EPDM

Very similar to butyl rubber, EPDM withstands exposure to outdoor elements such as water, acids, and sun. It can also withstand slightly higher temperatures than butyl rubber but only on a short-term basis.

High Strength Neoprene

A general-purpose rubber, neoprene is resistant to common detergents, alcohol, and water, but is not resistant to many petroleum-based products.

General Purpose Silicone

Resistant to extreme temperatures due to its silicone content, silicone rubber is used wherever hot or cold environments are an issue.

High Strength Viton

One of the most versatile rubbers, Viton rubber is resistant to oil, solvents, flames, and weather. However, it is not impact resistant.