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UHMW Sheets

UHMW Sheets

Offering some of the highest impact strength available in a plastic, UHMW polyethylene also resists abrasion and is tough.

General Purpose

Choose from various UHMW sheet and strip sizes for general-purpose applications requiring strength, abrasion resistance, and machinability.

FDA Compliant, White

Tivar Eco

Made of reprocessed UHMW material, this is an economic UHMW grade that provides impact strength and abrasion resistance.


Tivar Dryslide

This self-lubricating material has a slippery surface and helps prevent the creation of static. It's often used in dusty environments that are prone to static.


Tivar H.O.T.

When exposed to high temperatures or chemical washdowns, this material wears down slower than other UHMW Tivar grades.

FDA Compliant, White

Tivar 88

One of the most common UHMW grades for material handling applications, Tivar 88 has a low coefficient of friction so objects will slide freely.

3-A Dairy Complaint, Blue

Tivar Anti-Static

Get protection from static and the hazardous conditions that follow it by using Tivar Anti-Static UHMW. It is commonly used in environments where static and dust are a concern, such as grain elevators.

FDA Compliant, Black