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Absorbent Mats, Pads, & Rolls

Absorbent Mats, Pads, & Rolls

Absorb everything from small drips to large spills using absorbent mats, rolls, and pads. Keeping your area clean of spills can help keep workers from coming in contact with potentially harmful liquids.

Pads and mats come in a range of sizes and are ideal for absorbing drips or small spills. Rolls can be torn or cut to the desired length and are suitable for spills that cover walkways or large areas.

Pads & Rolls For General Spills

Versatile general purpose absorbent pads and rolls can be used to clean up a variety of water-, oil-, or chemical-based materials.


Perforated Pad


Perforated Roll

Pads & Rolls For Oil-Based Spills

Choose these pads and rolls to absorb oil, fuel, lubricant, and other oil-based materials. They don't absorb water and will float to absorb spills on the water's surface.


Perforated Pad

Anti-Static Perforated Pad

UV Resistant Perforated Pad


Perforated Roll

Anti-Static Perforated Roll

Pads & Rolls For Chemical & Hazmat Spills

Clean up acids, bases, corrosives, and other chemicals and hazardous materials using these absorbent pads and rolls.



Perforated Roll

Floor Mats For General Spills

Keep floor surfaces clean and help prevent slips with these mats. Place them in areas where spills or leaks are likely to happen in order to absorb the liquid as it appears.

For Heavy Foot Traffic

For Light Vehicle Traffic

Drum Top Pads

Place these pads on top of a 55-gallon drum to absorb incidental spills and drips when filling or pouring from the drum.

For General Purpose Spills

For Oil-Based Spills

For Chemicals & Hazmat Spills


Store rolls of absorbent material on these dispensers to provide easy access to the rolls and to allow workers to quickly cut or tear off the amount they need.


Wall Mount