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Absorbent Socks

Absorbent Socks

Contain spills and absorb spilled material using these long, tubular socks to help prevent workers from coming in contact with potentially harmful liquids. The socks can be formed around corners or uneven surfaces, and they contain absorbents suitable for soaking up materials such as oil, grease, coolant, and water.

For General Spills

Versatile general purpose absorbent socks can be used to clean up a variety of water-, oil-, or chemical-based materials.

For Oil-Based Spills

Absorb oil, fuel, lubricant, and other oil-based materials using these products. They don't absorb water and will float to absorb spills on the water's surface.

For Chemical & Hazmat Spills

Clean up acids, bases, corrosives, and other chemicals and hazardous materials using these absorbent socks.