Antiseptics & Ointments

Antiseptics & Ointments

Clean and treat minor cuts, burns, and abrasions with antiseptics and ointments to prevent infection and promote healing.

Antiseptic Wipes & Sprays

Clean minor cuts and scrapes or disinfect skin with antiseptic wipes and sprays.


Antibiotic Ointment

Treat cuts and scrapes with antibiotic ointment to keep them from becoming infected.

Sterile Water

Flush wounds with sterile water to remove dirt and other contaminants and help prevent infection.

Rubbing Alcohol

Use rubbing alcohol to sanitize tweezers, scissors, and other first-aid equipment or to clean and disinfect skin and minor wounds.

Anti-Itch Cream

Use anti-itch cream for temporary relief from itching and minor skin irritations.

Petroleum Jelly

Apply petroleum jelly to minor wounds to help protect them from infection, or use it to soothe and moisturize dry or cracked skin.

Sting Relief Wipes

Help relieve pain and discomfort from insect stings with these wipes.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Disinfect tweezers, scissors, and other first-aid equipment with hydrogen peroxide.

Burn Relief Creams & Sprays

Soothe burned skin with these creams and sprays. They provide temporary pain relief and help prevent infection.