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Boot & Shoe Cleaning & Repair

Boot & Shoe Cleaning & Repair

Extend the life of footwear by taking care of it with these cleaning, maintenance, and repair products. Choose from tools and sprays for cleaning, dryers and racks for handling wet footwear, and glues for making repairs.

Brushes & Scrapers

Dislodge dust, dirt, and mud from shoes and boots with these brushes and scrapers.

Hand brushes and scrapers are handheld tools used for finer, detailed cleaning. Floor style brushes and scrapers sit or mount on the floor to allow cleaning boots and shoes while wearing them. They are commonly placed near entrances to keep dirt from being tracked inside.

Drying Racks

Hang wet or muddy boots and shoes on these racks so they can drip dry before the next use. They can also be used to organize and store footwear.

Electric Dryers

Put these electric dryers inside boots, shoes, or other gear to eliminate wetness and dampness caused by wet environments and perspiration. They dry out footwear before it becomes a breeding ground for odor-causing contaminants that can irritate feet and degrade footwear materials.

Boot Dryer

Travel Boot & Shoe Dryer

Boot Dryer Extension

Cleaning, Protection, & Repair

Keep your footwear in top condition or bring it back to life with these sprays, glues, and coatings. They are typically used on work boots, hiking boots, and outdoor gear.

Waterproofers form a water-, dirt-, and oil-repellent coating on footwear. They are not recommended for breathable fibers or athletic shoes. Brush- and glue-on toe guards are applied to the toe caps to create a barrier that helps protect toes from impacts. Cleaners restore the appearance of athletic shoes or smooth leather footwear by removing dirt and stains. They are not recommended for suede or nubuck fabrics. Deodorizers help eliminate odors and neutralize bacteria and fungus inside boots and shoes, helping footwear smell fresh.

Brush-On Toe Guard

Glue-On Toe Guard

Repair Glue


Leather Protector