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Bump Caps

Bump Caps

Lighter and less bulky than hard hats, these bump caps have a hard plastic shell that provides light-duty protection against abrasions, cuts, and bruises. An adjustable band at the back of the cap helps ensure a proper fit. Bump caps are typically used to protect the wearer's head in confined spaces and other environments where a hard hat is not required.

General Purpose Caps

The standard bump cap style, these caps are typically used in cooler environments where you don't need a vented cap.

Pinlock Adjustment

Vented Caps

Air circulates through the vents of these bump caps to help you stay cool when you're hard at work.



Baseball Style Caps

Get lightweight protection and a comfortable fit with these baseball style bump caps. They have cooling vents to circulate air, foam padding for cushioning, and a built-in sweatband to absorb perspiration.

Baseball Cap Liners

Turn your baseball hat into a bump cap with these plastic liners. They are sized to fit under most baseball caps.