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Cable Lockouts

Cable Lockouts

Slide these cables into place to lock down gate valves, multiple circuit breakers, equipment handles, and large devices. They flex to wrap around and loop through equipment to prevent it from being used. These lockouts have one or more holes to accept lockout padlocks.

General Purpose Clamping Lockouts

These lockouts use a clamping mechanism that grips onto the cable for a secure hold.

Retractable Cable Lockouts

Activate the cinching mechanism on these lockouts and the excess cable automatically retracts to eliminate slack for a tight fit.

Pull Tight Cable Lockouts

Wind the cabling of these lockouts through one or more lockout points, then pull it through the lockout body to take up slack and cinch the cabling tightly into place.

Squeeze-Tight Cable Lockouts

Squeeze the handle on these cable lockouts to tighten the cabling around lockout points for a firm hold. They are commonly used to lockout large valves and equipment.

Looped Cables

A lighter, more flexible alternative to chains, these cables have either a loop on one or both ends and do not come with a lockout device. Feed the cable through one or more lockout points and fasten together with a padlock or other lockout mechanism.

Single Loop

Double Loop

Replacement Cables

Use these replacement cables with cable lockout devices