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Chain & Rope Barriers

Chain & Rope Barriers

Block off areas to pedestrians or vehicles or direct crowds and lines using these chain and rope barriers.

Chain Barrier Posts

Attach a barrier chain to these posts to create a chain barrier. They have a hook that accepts chain links.


Tapered Base

Flat Base

Dome Base

Pointed Stake

Water Fillable Base

Barrier Chains

Guide traffic or partition an open space with these barrier chains. Not suitable for load bearing.


Alternating Color Segments Every 2 ft

Solid Color

Glow in the Dark

Magnetic-Mount Barrier Chains

These chains have magnetic receivers that stick to metal surfaces to provide an attachment point for chains when creating a barrier. Commonly used on warehouse racks, they can be installed, removed, and replaced quickly to provide easy access.


Rope Barrier Posts

Create a rope barrier by setting up these posts and connecting them to a rope with an end connector. They have a ring that rope connectors clip into.

Barrier Ropes

Control traffic flow or block off areas of your facility with these rope barriers.


Rope Ending: Not Included


Rope Ending: Not Included

Rope Ending: Snap — Polished Brass

Rope Ending: Snap — Polished Chrome Steel

Rope End Connectors

Attach these connectors to the ends of ropes so they can be clipped to rope barriers.