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Cold-Resistant Gloves & Mittens

Cold-Resistant Gloves & Mittens

Insulate your hands from ambient exposure to cold temperatures or direct exposure to chilled materials with these protective thermal gloves. They help keep your hands warm and prevent frostbite.

General Purpose

Wear these general-purpose cold-resistant gloves to keep your hands warm while working in cold areas, such as freezers, construction sites, and oil rigs.


High Visibility Mechanics with Added Grip


Fabric-Backed Leather Palm

Leather Drivers

Touchscreen Compatible

You don't have to take off these gloves to operate a touchscreen. They have conductive thumbs and pointer fingers that let you interact with the screen while keeping your hands protected from the cold. Ideal for drivers, utility workers, and others who frequently operate touchscreens in cold environments.


Water Resistant

Keep your hands warm and dry with these water-resistant thermal gloves. Ideal for anyone working in cold and wet conditions such as boats, icy outdoor areas, and freezers.


High Visibility Fabric-Backed Leather Palm

Cut & Puncture Resistant

Often used for unheated warehouse work, refuse collection, or other tasks in cold areas where sharp objects may be present, these thermal gloves offer cut and puncture resistance in addition to cold protection. ANSI protection ratings are for the palm side of the glove.

Coated Fabric

ANSI Cut-Resist Level 2

Coated Fabric with Added Grip

ANSI Cut-Resist Level 2


ANSI Cut-Resist Level 3

Cryogenic Gloves

Protect your hands from the extremely cold temperatures of cryogenic applications with these cryogenic gloves. Commonly used for handling dry ice.

Straight Cuff