Drench Shower & Eye Wash Accessories

Drench Shower & Eye Wash Accessories

Upgrade and maintain your facility's drench showers and eye and face wash stations with these accessories.

For Self-Contained Eye Wash Stations

Find accessories to keep your self-contained eye wash stations, also known as portable eye wash stations, maintained and ready for use.


Honeywell Fendall

Disposable Towels

Provide these disposable towels next to wash stations or drench showers so that users can dry off.

Shower Privacy Curtains

Hang these curtains around your facility's drench showers to provide privacy for users who need to remove contaminated clothing while showering.

Eye & Face Wash Timers

These timers help make sure that water flows through your eye and face wash stations for the recommended amount of time needed to fully remove contaminants.

Drench Shower Testers

Verify that your facility's drench showers are working appropriately with these testers.

Inspection Tags

Display a visible record of when your drench showers and wash stations were last inspected with these tags.

Scald & Freeze Protection Valves

Ensure that your eye and face wash stations do not release water that is too hot or too cold for the eyes with these scald and freeze protection valves.

Freeze Protection Valve

Scald Protection Valve