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Spill Capacity
Drip Pans & Trays

Drip Pans & Trays

Contain spills and capture leaks as they happen using drip pans and trays. Place them wherever spills, drips, or leaks are likely to occur, such as under machines, shelving, pallets, and containers.

General Purpose

Choose general purpose trays for containing a wide variety of spills.

For Pallet Racks

Place these long, low-profile trays under pallet racks and shelving to catch any drips or leaks from items placed on the racks or shelves. The trays are sized to match the dimensions of standard pallet racks and shelving units.


Spill Tray

Spill Tray Connector


Fold up these trays when not in use to save space when storing them.


With Sorbents

These trays are filled with a sorbent material that soaks up spilled liquid inside the tray to ease cleanup.

For General Spills

For General High Viscosity Spills

For Oil-Based Spills

For 55-Gallon Drums

Install these trays under drums to catch spills when dispensing liquids from the drum or collecting liquids in the drum.