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Earplug Dispensers & Refills

Earplug Dispensers & Refills

Encourage workers to protect their hearing by keeping earplugs handy in one of these boxes, trays, or dispensers. Fill these containers with the earplugs of your choice and place them where needed.


With a lid to keep dust out and earplugs in, these boxes allow earplugs to stay organized, yet accessible. Place them on a table top or wall-mount them where needed.


By distributing one set of earplugs at a time, these dispensers minimize waste while keeping earplugs readily available. Simply turn a handle or twist a knob to release a pair of earplugs. They can be placed on a table or mounted to a wall.


Get easy access to earplugs with these lid-free trays. They can be put on a table top or mounted to a wall.