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Earplug Parts & Accessories

Earplug Parts & Accessories

Get the parts and accessories needed to help ensure that earplugs will be effective. There are replacement pods for banded and corded earplugs, as well as advanced systems for checking and comparing earplugs.

Replacement Pods

Rather than tossing out your banded and corded earplug sets, simply replace the worn or soiled pods. Use the same type of pods that were initially supplied with the earplug sets in order to maintain the original noise reduction rating (NRR).

Earplug Fit Test Systems

Evaluate and compare the fit and effectiveness of earplugs with these test systems. They help determine whether the hearing protection you provide will fulfill Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements. The results of these tests give an assessment of the earplugs themselves and of the ability of workers to properly select and equip earplugs.