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Electrical Lockouts

Electrical Lockouts

Prevent the activation of plugs, circuit breakers, switches, and other electrical devices by blocking access with these electrical lockouts. They have one or more holes to accept lockout padlocks.

For Plugs

Use these lockouts on plugs to prevent them from being inserted into an outlet.



Prong-Covering with Key

For Switches

Cover wall switches with these lockouts to keep the switches locked in the on or off position. These lockouts mount to switch plates and accept a padlock for lockdown. When lockdown isn't required, they flip open to allow access to switches.

For Single-Pole Breakers

Prohibit the activation of single-pole circuit breakers with a standard toggle switch using these lockouts.



Snap-On For Breakers with Holes

For Multi-Pole Breakers with Tie Bar

With these lockouts, you can block access to circuit breakers that have two or more switches joined by a tie bar.




For DIN-Style Mini Circuit Breakers

Designed to mount to DIN rails, these lockouts prevent the operation of DIN-style miniature circuit breakers. They accommodate single-pole or multi-pole breakers.

Universal Clamp-On with Screw



Pin-Out Wide


Lightweight Circuit Breaker Lockouts

Lock out circuit breakers without weighing them down by using these two-piece lockout devices. They consist of a lockout body that attaches to a breaker and a lock rail that mounts outside the electrical panel to hold padlocks and tags, keeping the padlocks' weight off the breaker. The rail can accommodate multiple locks, and the panel door can be closed during lockouts. These devices are suitable for use with single-pole or multi-pole breakers.

Snap-On For Breakers with Holes


Lock Rail

For Oversized Breakers

These lockouts have a large frame and can accommodate oversized circuit breakers.


For Odd-Sized Switches & Breakers

Also called breaker blockers or blocking bar lockouts, these lockout devices fit irregular or nonstandard switches and circuit breakers. Choose from red bars for locking breakers in the "off" position and green bars for locking breakers in the "on" position.

For Emergency Stop & Push Buttons

Bar access to emergency stops and push buttons by covering them with these lockouts.



For Fuses

Install these lockouts in fuse holders to block the insertion of fuses and prevent the re-energization of equipment.

Circuit Breaker Lockout Kits

Have the tools you need to lock down circuit breakers throughout your facility with these lockout kits. They include a variety of lockout devices to suit your application.