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Finger Cots

Finger Cots

These form-fitting single-digit covers act as a barrier between a user's fingers and the small or delicate material being handled, while still allowing complete hand and finger movement.

General Purpose

Protect fingers from light cuts, abrasion, and dirt when handling small components, or protect those components from skin and oil contamination.

Latex stretches and flexes with your movement to protect against incidental contact with a variety of substances.

The powdered interior makes the cots easy to slip on and off.

Static Control

Handle electronic and other static-sensitive components with care. These cots protect against the creation of a static charge when handling a product.

All are disposable and have a powder-free interior, which is ideal for environments where powder particles may be considered a contaminant.

1 X 10^7 ohms Surface Resistivity

1 X 10^10 ohms Surface Resistivity

Heat Resistant

Commonly used for welding and casting, these textured fiberglass-blend finger cots protect the user when handling dangerously hot objects and are reusable.