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Finger Cots

Finger Cots

Form-fitting finger cots each cover a single finger and act as a protective barrier between a user's fingers and the objects or materials the user is handling. They allow complete hand and finger movement and are ideal for situations when a whole glove isn't needed.

General Purpose

Wear general purpose finger cots to protect your fingers from light cuts, abrasion, and dirt when handling small components or to protect those components from skin, dirt, or oil that may be present on your fingers. Ideal for manufacturing or material handling applications.

Static Control

Ideal for handling sensitive electronic components, these finger cots help prevent the creation of a static charge when handling items. They also protect fingers from light cuts, abrasion, and dirt and prevent skin, dirt, and oils on your fingers from being transferred to items you are handling.

1 X 10^7 ohms Surface Resistivity

1 X 10^10 ohms Surface Resistivity

Heat Resistant

Use these textured fiberglass-blend finger cots to protect your fingers from being burned when handling dangerously hot objects. Commonly used for welding and casting applications, they are reusable.