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Flame-Resistant Gloves

Flame-Resistant Gloves

Keep your hands protected from burns in environments or applications where high heat or flames may occur. These gloves are either made of inherently fire-resistant materials that won't drip or burn when exposed to flames, or they have been treated with chemicals to self-extinguish if they catch fire.

General Purpose

Designed for fit and dexterity, these mechanics gloves are made from fire-resistant materials that keep hands protected in a wide variety of applications where flames and high heat may be encountered, including oil, gas, and mining.

High-Visibility Mechanics with Added Grip

High-Visibility Mechanics

Reflective Mechanics with Added Grip

High Temperature

These gloves are specially designed to protect hands from burns in high-temperature applications, such as steel-making and casting.


Cold Weather

Made from windproof and fire-resistant materials, these gloves protect hands and keep them warm in cold conditions where flames and high heat may be present, such as construction and utility work.

Flip-Top Mitten

Leather Drivers