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Flame-Resistant Gloves

Flame-Resistant Gloves

Keep your hands protected from burns in environments or applications where high heat or flames may occur. These gloves are either made of inherently fire-resistant materials that won't drip or burn when exposed to flames, or they have been treated with chemicals to self-extinguish if they catch fire.

General Purpose

Designed for fit and dexterity, these mechanics gloves are made from fire-resistant materials that keep hands protected in a wide variety of applications where flames and high heat may be encountered, including oil, gas, and mining.

High Visibility Mechanics

High Visibility Mechanics with Added Grip

Reflective Mechanics with Added Grip

High Temperature

These gloves are specially designed to protect hands from burns in high-temperature applications, such as steel-making and casting.


Cold Weather

Made from windproof and fire-resistant materials, these gloves protect hands and keep them warm in cold conditions where flames and high heat may be present, such as construction and utility work.

Flip-Top Mitten

Leather Drivers