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Foot & Shin Guards

Foot & Shin Guards

Wear these guards over footwear to add an extra layer of protection against physical hazards to the feet and legs. You'll find guards that protect shins, toes, and the tops of feet from abrasions and from rolling and falling objects.

Metatarsal Guards

Secured using the laces or straps of the footwear you are wearing, these guards cover the top of the foot to protect the metatarsal bones against physical hazards. They disperse or deflect the impact of falling objects, and are typically used as a supplement to toe guards and steel- or composite-toe footwear.

Toe Guards

Put these safety toe caps over your work shoes or boots to help protect toes from falling or rolling objects. They strap or tie on to footwear.

Foot & Leg Guards

Shield the tops of feet and the shins against bumps and scrapes with these guards. Some models also extend coverage to the knee. They strap onto the foot and legs, and are contoured for a secure fit.