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General Purpose Spill Kits & Stations

General Purpose Spill Kits & Stations

Quickly contain and clean spills using these kits and stations. They contain a selection of materials for cleaning up spilled materials and are ideal for facilities where a variety of materials, including oil or oil-based products, are used.

Spill Kits

Clean spills using the materials in these basic kits. The kits include standard spill cleaning supplies and waste bags that can be used to move waste to a suitable container for proper disposal.




Wheeled Drum

Mobile Cart

Kits with Transportation-Rated Container

Neutralize, clean, and transport spilled material to a suitable disposal site using these kits. Also known as salvage kits, these kits include containers that can be used to transport the collected waste material.


Spill Stations

Mount these stations to a wall to reduce clutter in your work area while keeping spill cleanup supplies organized and readily accessible for a prompt response to spills. The stations include supplies for absorbing spills as well as bags for keeping waste contained for proper removal and disposal.

Yellow Steel Cabinet

Spill Kits for Vehicles

Make sure you have the supplies you need to clean up spills when you're on the go. These portable spill kits contain standard spill cleaning supplies and are compact enough to be stored in a vehicle until needed.