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Group Lockout Boxes

Group Lockout Boxes

An alternative to hasps, these group lockout boxes allow an energy point to be secured with one padlock when multiple people are working on a job, which reduces weight on the energy point. The team leader padlocks the energy point and puts the padlock key inside the lockout box. Other team members lock their padlocks onto the box, retaining their key to unlock their padlock when their work is complete. When all the padlocks have been removed from the box, the team leader can retrieve the master key and unlock the energy point.


Grab these lockout boxes by the handle and take them wherever they're needed.

Wall Mount

Mount these lockout boxes to a wall near energy points and equipment that require frequent lockouts.

Mount or Carry

Ready to serve as stationary or portable lockout boxes, these units include a mounting base that can be fastened to a wall near an energy point that requires frequent lockouts and a removable box that can be carried to different job sites.