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Install handrails near walkways, stairs, and other areas subject to slipping or tripping hazards. They help prevent fall injuries, providing a stable surface to grip for added security.

Round Pipe Handrails

Slide these handrails into compatible mounting bases for easy installation. Rounded corners help prevent injury and collision damage. Horizontal midrails offer enhanced protection and help prevent items from passing through.

Safety Yellow Powder Coated Steel


Mounting Bases for Round Pipe Handrails

Use these bases to mount a round pipe handrail in your facility. To hold the handrail in place, attach the base to the floor using compatible anchors (sold separately).

Mounting Base

Mounting Anchors

Square Pipe Handrails

Attach these handrails directly to the floor by using the integrated mounting plates, which have slotted holes for easy installation. Extend railings by joining multiple sections together with optional connectors (sold separately).

Safety Yellow Powder Coated Steel

Handrail Section

Handrail Section with Toe Board

Connectors for Square Pipe Handrails

Secure two square pipe handrail sections together with these connectors to extend the railing or create a 90° corner.

Safety Yellow Powder Coated Steel

Straight Connector

Corner Connector