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Hard Hat Accessories & Storage

Hard Hat Accessories & Storage

Find accessories and storage products to adapt your hard hat for your application and to keep hard hats organized while not in use.

Sweatbands & Cooling Pads

Wear these sweatbands and cooling pads under your hard hat to soak up perspiration and keep your head cool. Sweatbands help prevent perspiration from dripping into your eyes and keep your hard hat from slipping down your forehead.

Brow Pad

Hard Hat Pad

Chin Straps

Use these chin straps with your hard hat to hold it securely to your head.

Slot Adapters

Mount these adapters to your hard hat so it can be fitted with additional accessories such as face shields, visors, and lights.

Hard Hat Storage Racks

Place hard hats on one these storage racks when not in use to keep them organized and available for the next job.

Magnetic Mount Type

Seat Back Mount Type

Wall Mount Type


Equip your hard hat with a visor for additional protection from sun, rain, and splashes.

High-Visibility Covers

Make yourself more visible to others in your environment by putting one of these high-visibility covers on your hard hat.