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Heat-Resistant Gloves & Mittens

Heat-Resistant Gloves & Mittens

Suitable for tasks like grabbing hot pipes or metal forging, these gloves protect your hands from burns when touching hot parts and surfaces. They provide a layer of insulation that creates a barrier between your skin and hot surfaces.


Whether for kitchen or lab use, these heat-resistant mittens will keep your hands cool when working with hot items. Mittens are ideal for handling larger parts where the dexterity of a glove is not needed. They also have a roomy design that allows them to be worn by workers with all sizes of hands.

General Purpose

Protect your hands from burns when you need to touch hot parts or surfaces. These general-purpose gloves provide versatility for a wide range of applications, including automotive work, handling casted parts, glass blowing, injection molding, plastic processing, manufacturing, and more.


Fabric with Added Grip

Leather Drivers

Mechanics with Added Grip

Cut Resistant

Not only do these gloves shield your hands from hot parts and surfaces, they also protect your hands from cuts when handling sharp objects such as wire, metal, wood, and glass.


Heat-Reflective Aluminized

Aluminized gloves reflect radiant heat away from the back of the hand for added protection against burns when handling hot objects. Suitable for tasks such as forging, metal casting, and foundry work.

Steam Resistant

Don these gloves to protect your hands from scalding when you're working near hot water or steam. Ideal for tasks such as adding or removing items from an autoclave, steam table, pot sink, or commercial dishwasher, these chemical-resistant and food-grade gloves are made from materials that comply with FDA 21 CFR regulations for food contact.